What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, but we can simplify the fancy words into "brain words patterning". NLP is a popular term among psychologists, coaches, and healers because it talks about changing one's thinking into positive patterns or "programs". Although it is never as simple as writing a program for a computer, which will remain the same program, NLP attempts to provide a program or pattern to help you.  

If you felt unloved as a child

you may assume you are unlovable as an adult. You may move from relationship to relationship, causing distress and heartache each time. 

Using NLP as a therapy or tool takes work. You need a qualified healer, counsellor, coach, or psychologist to walk beside you and help you achieve your goals over time. Click here to find out how Pauline from Moonlady Healing uses NLP to help her clients achieve their life goals.