ThetaHealing™ Provides Health Benefits for Women

In our busy lives, juggling work and family time, it can often be difficult for women to take care of themselves. It is hard to look after yourself when you are busy looking after everyone else in your family first. The prevalence of stress-related symptoms like headaches shows how women routinely take on too much stress.  

Many women 

find a ThetaHealing™ session extraordinarily calming and relaxing, adding further health benefits to the non-chemical natural healing you will experience. Taking a small amount of time for yourself to have a healing session will help you better care for your family too.  

 ​People have used ThetaHealing™ to 

relieve pain naturally for many physical ailments, even broken bones. Rather than relying on chemically produced medications that can have many side effects and even be addictive, using ThetaHealing™ provides natural, drug-free relief.

 ​While ThetaHealing™ cannot heal every physical ailment directly, it can provide good, natural pain relief and promotes natural healing in the body, making the healing process much faster. ThetaHealing combines well with traditional healing practices, allowing you to use various healing methods to achieve a healthy body and mind.

 Jump Start

A session with an experienced ThetaHealing™ practitioner will give you immediate benefits, like a reduction in pain. You may need several sessions to experience complete healing, depending on your health issue. Your healer will be able to guide you in how many sessions you are likely to need to resolve your health concerns.

Pauline, from Moonlady Healing, has achieved all her qualifications in ThetaHealing™, learning from the experts in the field. She has been a healing practitioner for over 30 years and has extensive experience providing ThetaHealing™. Moonlady Healing offers online healing sessions, so you can relax in a comfortable environment to experience the best level of healing possible.